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Windows player 2.5.4

I’m in the process of evaluating Xibo with a view to it replacing our existing digital signage estate which show bus arrival/departure information.

Currently the signs have the same layout, they have an additional piece of software which provides the current arrival information, so each one shows the relevant arrivals/departures for its location. This software outputs XML over a socket connection. I would like to be able to listen to this and format it for display on Xibo. I was hoping that this would be possible via Remote datasets, but they seem to involve a round trip back to the CMS to a publicly accessible data source which is not appropriate in this case.
Is it possible to consume and display data generated locally it could be JSON, XML or potentially an HTML page.

Any pointers would be gratefully received.



Good day and welcome.

As you say, having a round trip for that doesn’t make much sense. Its fairly unusual (in a general sense) to have that data at the Player, so we’re geared up to consume things centrally and distribute them ourselves.

That being said, all of the Players have web browser implementations which you can access via Embedded/Package HTML widgets. You could use WebSockets to consume your XML source, format it how you want, and then display it.

Does that help?

Thanks for that, it means I can now go and ask the right people

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I’ve managed to get this working on a Windows based via a zipped HTML package. However these aren’t supported on a Linux box. I’m unclear how to put all the files from the zipped package into an embedded widget. It has a number of CSS files, some JSON and a number of javascript files.
Web development isn’t my forte but do I need to somehow combine them into monolithic files for each of the template categories?



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