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We have recently started to upgrade the systems we use to run xibo from old smaill dells that we had to small mini pc’s that can be attached to a tv/screen.
I was just wondering how i get a license back from an old machine to use on a new one?


You can manage your License Pool on the Xibo website, by logging in and clicking on the below link:


Next select the License Pool for the type of Player you are using (Android or webOS) to view the Licenses that are already in use. You can delete the License entries for the Displays that no longer need them by clicking the red button with a small bin icon on it. Please note that unless you uninstall the Player on the device using the License, it will try to contact the License server again.

You mentioned that you are using mini PCs for your Xibo Players, suggesting you are using Xibo for Windows? If so, you do not need to use a license with that version of the Player.

Many Thanks.

Yes xibo for windows.

We have 4 display slots. If i unauthorise one of the four does that mean i can add another screen?
Does it only count the four if they are logged in or by the fact they are authorised?

Thank you for clarifying that you are referring to Display Slots.

You are correct, you will need to de-authorise a Display to be able to authorise a different Display. Displays are counted by whether they are authorised or not. Any Displays that are not authorised will not receive changes from the CMS.

Many Thanks.

Thanks. I was sure this was the case but didn’t want to start messing around with it until I was sure.

I can understand that, never hurts to check.

Many Thanks.