Display is downloading 4 files too many times - Notification Means


In notification center window in xibo 1.8.2, we are getting below notification. Kindly suggest the possible reason for this notification as display is consuming large amount of bandwidth.

"Display is downloading 4 files too many times."Xibo Notifications

The reason behind those notification is most likely the fact that those displays have problems downloading certain files ie they do try to download them more than once, hence the notification.

You can look on the Displays page -> Manage on the display in question and see if it still has any problems or if it already downloaded all files.

Manage page will list all layouts and files in a table, if some files do not have a checkmark in the ‘Complete’ column and higher value in ‘Downloaded’ than in ‘Size’ column that implies player has issues downloading those files.

Thank Peter. We have checked the media list under the Manage page. It shows check mark for all media items and 0 values against “Downloaded” column.

Kindly suggest the possible scenarios for this. Below is the screenshot for your reference.

If everything is downloaded now and presumably there are no more errors and players does display what it should there are no reasons to worry, as everything should be fine.

If you’d go to Logs page and increase the interval to show you older logs you may be able to see logs from the time when the downloading issue occurred which should tell you with which files your players had problems with.

It definitely seems like it wasn’t a persistent problem, perhaps some connection issues caused them to attempt to download certain files more than once.

Hard to say at this point and without knowing anything about your server configuration, displays etc

Hi Peter, We have understood your point. Kindly confirm whether for media for which complete is check mark, “downloaded” values should be equal to “Size” of media or 0.

Also in notification center we can see only 7 notifications. Can i increase that limit to see more notifications.

If the Complete column has a checkmark then it should be exactly as in your latest screenshot - that means all files were correctly downloaded by the player.

Regarding notification, the Notification drawer should show 5 latest notifications, notification centre should show all user created notifications, system notifications can be also set to be emailed to the email address configured in CMS Maintenance and user groups that are configured to receive those it is also possible to have notification widget added to the layout. https://xibo.org.uk/manual/en/users_notifications.html

The maintenance and email alerts configuration is explained in here - Xibo CMS Post-Installation Setup Guide