Display Group Exceptions

We have semi-complex display names because they are based on location, for consistency and not having to rename them as we constantly move depts around.

So I’m trying to make an “almost” All group, all the units except for just a handful that have special functions, mostly calendar displays, but I’m having trouble excepting those specific displays.

Ex. Trying to have all the displays in our PEP building except the one named “PEP-02-A-DS04”.

Without the -, that specific display ID is recognized as written, with the - it doesn’t match(not in that its filtered out, which is what we want, but in it still shows up because of “PEP”, which is what we are trying to get around), adding "s doesn’t work and using \ to escape the -'s doesn’t do anything either. According to https://regex101.com, -PEP-01-A-DS03, should be what I want but that isn’t recognized, the escape 's don’t seem to work properly.

Still a problem, haven’t figured anything out.

Assuming you’re on 2.2 you could use tags as well as the name to get your subset, so put PEP-02-A-DS in Critera, and then your chosen tag in Critera Tags, and it will AND the two result sets. So only displays with that name and tag will match. So you’d apply your tag to displays 1-3 and 5-9, and then only those and not 4 will match.

So can I do essentially the opposite of that and tag TVs I don’t want in the group. ie- Tag the handful of TVs I don’t want as “Special” or something and then make a filter that catches all TVs “-special”? My goal is to have most TVs auto-imported into the group since its only a few that I don’t want. If I’m doing manual work to include the majority instead, then I may as well just have a manual group at that point.

No you can’t I’m afraid.

We are going to fix that form so the regex should work, but it won’t work in any current release.


Understood, I’ll just deal for now then and look forward to whichever release the regex makes it into.

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