Display empty region

Hello Xibo-community,

Would it be possible to create a functionally layout, with empty regions like the one below?

Background: I want to create a default-layout with a lot of empty regions.

This layout should be easily editable by other users through just adding a content on it, so they don’t have to worry about the creation of a new layout. If there is no content on this layout, the region should be transparent.

Thank you very much for your assistance.

If you leave empty regions on a layout like that, player will render it as invalid and will not display it.

What you could do is to create a layout with all regions where you want them to be and save it as a template.

Then if user would like to use this template on a new layout, he would click the ‘add layout’ button and then select your template:

then add all necessary content (media files etc.)

You should only schedule your layout if there are no empty regions on it.

I guess you could add transparent images / very small ‘.’ in text region to each region so they are not technically empty, but that might not be the best solution.

Better approach would be to create a layout with what’s needed on it without ‘empty’ regions.

Thank you for your reply Peter,

Our problem is, that we want to use just one layout, which will be displayed the whole time as the default layout for one player. So the creation of a template wouldn’t be an option for us.

Additional the quantity of regions will change every week (it will be used as a bulletin-board), so it is impossible for us to define layout which suits perfect the whole time.

We will try your other suggestion with the transparent images on the regions.

Maybe there would be an option for empty regions on a future release?

The XLF specification requires each region has content. There’s no plans to change that I’m afraid.

You cannot have empty regions on the layout.