Display Download % Complete Meter

Download Complete Meter

It would be nice to have a percentage complete download meter on the Display Page next to each display. This would tell the user how much of the scheduled media had been downloaded to the device already.

0% being none of it, 100% being all of it. The download meter would only increment by complete files, i.e. if there were 2 files the meter could only ever show 0%, 50% and 100%.

The download meter would not automatically refresh, so the auto refresh filter form option would need to be used.

Media Inventory

It would also make sense to enhance the media inventory report at the same time and use that as a source of data for the percentage.

In particular it would be useful for required files to populate the structure for media inventory, and then the actual media inventory call just populate the detail… that means we could have things like file names vs media names, hide the ID’s, collect status by file, etc.

Currently the Media Inventory shows us:

  • ID
  • Type (layout, media or resource)
  • Complete (Yes or No)
  • Last Checked (the time the media inventory was reported)

It would need to be extended to show:

  • ID
  • Name (and file name)
  • Type
  • Complete (Yes or No)
  • First Required Date (managed by the CMS, the date would be set when the item first appeared in required files)
  • Download Date (managed by the CMS, the date would be set when the media inventory call returns complete)

This would allow the user to see which files are required (and their file names), which have been downloaded and how long they took from initial request to download complete. This will not be the actual download time of that specific file, as files are not downloaded with unlimited concurrency.