Display does not appear for specific users

I’m using Xibo CMS 1.8beta and Player 1.8beta.

I’ve created a user group UG1 / user U1 with only user role (not admin or super admin).
I’ve checked both this user group UG1 and this user U1 in permission page to view a specific display D1 (by being super admin).
But when I’m logged in as this user U1, I don’t see any display, and thus can hardly schedule a layout for it.

I must have missed something, but don’t see what ? Thanks for your support !

@Peter - can you take a look at this tomorrow please?

Right, so we confirmed this is a bug (in the process we’ve also found few other problems)

You can see the bug report here -

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Thanks Peter for your attention !

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