Display Client Logs

Log information for Players has been kept light to improve performance and stability. Player devices tend to be tight on memory and therefore applications are granted a limited amount of memory to use. As Xibo runs 24/7, memory usage is very important to us and generating lots of logging actually uses a lot of memory.

What logging is available for Players?

There are two types of log information for Players:

  • messages sent to the CMS as “Error”
  • messages sent to the CMS as “Audit”

When received by the CMS Error messages are always written to the log, Audit messages are only written when the Auditing until fields have been configured for the Display .

To set Auditing logs, click on Displays from the CMS menu and use the row menu for the Display you wish to set auditing for.

Click on the Advanced tab and enter a date and time the Player should collect log information until.

Please note: This should not be set for too long a period which goes beyond the troubleshooting window.

Only the most important messages are logged.

What if the Player runs offline?

Each Player can store log information and send them once reconnected to the CMS.

This means Players can run offline for an extended period of time without losing log information. The Player must be on-line to send its messages to the CMS.

Can I see any log messages on the Player side?

The last 5 log messages are shown on the Player status screen which are useful for “immediate” debugging. These are removed as they are sent to the CMS. The status of each communication call to the CMS is also recorded for easy debugging.

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