Display campaigns in a region of a display

Ahoi all,
is it possible to display a campaign i a region of a display?

We want to show common informations of the stuff, rooms and so on at the entrance. Our PR-bureau is setting up several campaigns which will overlay our layouts. At the bottom of our layouts is a row with a name of the person on duty.
Is ist possible, that this row will permanently displayed?

Or how do you handle those problems?

Thank you guys!

Welcome to the community!

I am not sure what you mean by displaying a campaign in a region? You can add multiple media items to a Region to play in sequence, or you could create Playlists of content.
You can create Layouts and include those in a Campaign which can then be scheduled.

If you have information you want to display all the time then do take a look at Overlay Layouts.

Thank you

Hello Natasha,
thank you!
The overlay layout seems to be very interesting. Works the overlay layout also over a running campain with several layouts? Probably or not?

Thank you!

The Overlay Layout can be scheduled with your Campaign to provide an ‘overlay’ for the ordered list of Layouts that it contains.

Now I’ve tried to arrange a simple setup. I have a standard layout on a display and a scheduled overlay-layout. But both layouts runs in a sequence not at the same time.

Now I’ve disabled the standard layout and set one layout and the overlay layout but the same happens. One layout is shown after the other.

Thank you for your message. Can you provide screenshots of the Events you have created for your Layout and Overlay please? To access the Event settings:

  • Go to the Schedule menu option in your CMS.
  • Click the box above the Calendar named Select Displays and choose the Display with this issue.
  • The Event Icons for that Display will now appear on your Calendar, click the appropriate Icons to open the Edit Event Window for each Event.

Many Thanks.

here are the two screenshots.

I did it now, that the overlay-layout is shown over all the other layouts. But I see only black boxes where the regions are is in the overlay layout. No content will be displayed.
I use a windows client and xibo 1.8.11

Do you have some hints please?

Thank you!

Now I´ve found the problem. Overlapping regions are not supported in windows clients.

Thanks for your help!

Thank you for your message confirming you have now resolved the issue, you are correct that Windows does not support Overlapping regions. Glad to hear you found the cause of your issue.

Many Thanks.

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