Display and warn of the total time of each player's grid



How about displaying in: Player list, In the information of each player, and in the view screen of the schedules. the “loop time of each player”.

10min, 15min, or 900seconds etc.

User Story

You see, many users offer the client a maximum loop time, that is, the maximum amount of time that your video will be redisplayed.

Viewing how many minutes, or seconds each player will play will help prevent us from scheduling more videos than the player can receive, thus exceeding the combined limit with the client.

  • It would also be interesting, a field that would allow to define the maximum grid of each player, so the cms would inform at the time of the scheduling that this time will be exceeded if it continues with the scheduling. could also tell how much time would be exceeded on each player hit.

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Firstly, thank you for your suggestions in this category. So that I can fully understand this particular requirement could you provide me with an overview of your current set-up and or why you are looking for this feature?

Many thanks


Many owners of digital signage companies, guarantee a minimum time for the display of the videos, is what we call LOOP of the grid.

The importance of knowing the duration of the player’s grid is so that we can know when to stop adding videos to this player, so that it does not exceed the limit of the grid that we guarantee to the customers.

“It would be interesting an alert, where we would define a time limit of the grid for this player or group of players, and an alert inform that this limit was exceeded and in which player so that we take action”

As you said, it is possible to know the length of a layout, or a group of layouts. So if we schedule for a player, just a layout or a group, it will be easy to know the duration of the grid.

But when we add multiple layouts, groups of layouts and videos separately to a player. it is not possible to know the exact duration of the loop time of each player, for this it is necessary to manually sum this time.


The system is not designed to limit what content is shown, but looking at the Agenda View functionality on your CMS, would it be helpful to you for your use case, to have an Agenda View ‘Total Duration’ box displayed at any point in time you select using the slider?


No, this does not work.

I’m basically talking about displaying the duration of each player’s grid.

And maybe, issue a warning when a certain duration is exceeded, but not necessarily.


This is something that we would like to address in the future, but have no current plans to include on the roadmap at present and so will hold on to this request.

Thank you