Display a content randomly

I have a layout that displays 4 contents (2 videos and 2 images) and I want to display for 5 minutes above these contents an image every hour. is it possible? If so, can anyone tell me how? thanks

If it is above your usual content and not instead of it, then you could use overlay layout (1.8 series) alternatively you could have a new layout will of all that content (2 videos, 2 images and the special image) and schedule that to your players.

Thank you very much, I succeed to schedule the overlay layout, but it is displayed continuously instead of every hour for 10 minutes as configured.How can I solve it?

Could you show me how did you configure it please? (Edit the event with the overlay layout on Schedule page and paste the screenshot of the form here)

these are catches of the overlay layout. The first represents the layout that must be overlayed for 6 seconds and the others represent the configuration of the event.Cordially

It is working exactly as you scheduled it then.

You have scheduled it to run continuously from 19.02.2018 to 11.03.2018 all day everyday.

What you will want to do is to create the event let’s say
start 19.02.2018 08:00
end 19.02.2018 08:05

on repeats tab set it to
repeat hourly
every 1
until 11.03.2018

Thank you very much It works perfectly! I only had a time synchronization problem. When I schedule an event it does not start at the scheduled time. However, I have set the CMS time zone to the time zone of my country (casablanca). But no effect. How can I fix this? Thanks again!