Directory for Xibo Community Businesses

Has anyone wanted a Directory where we could search exclusively for Xibo Community Business member and the services they provide? A simple way to find companies who offer development, design, hardware, installation etc,. services so we may contact them for hired help - do business together.

As a small business owner, I would pay a small annual fee to be listed in the directory. Help bring in revenue for the organization. Maybe just modified the membership listing? Keep the free member listing as it stands now, but include a paid listing added to the member listing. The paid upgrade listing doesn’t have to be complicated, include company name, address, website, phone maybe a SHORT text bio (even limit the characters).

Allow each company to select up to say 3 predetermined services listings that Xibo Community allows us to select to represent our business and the types of services we provide (for example: development, content design, hardware, installation, etc.) The services will also provide a way to easily filter our search (simple drop down menu for results) maybe a zip code search too in order to find local businesses. Sure would be great to find other companies who know Xibo that we could do business together.

Any feedback on the subject will be interesting. It’s great to have this forum and community, but being able to network with other businesses would be even better!