Diplsying Forcast IO

Dear all,

I am playing with the forcast IO in order to see our it renders information.
I have selected French as a language and Standard international unit.

When I select the 5 days template, it display days abreviation as Fri, Sat, Sun,…
Has I have selected french language I was expected to get the it also in french Ven, Sam,Dim

Is tehre a way to display those in correct language ?

Mon = Lun
Thu = Mar
Wed= Mer
Tue =Jeu
Fri =Ven
Sun =Dim

If yes how


In 1.8 series if you change the language of the forecast item it should show correctly in your selected language.

In 1.7 series that template requires additional steps:
In CMS settings, regional tab:
language - set your preferred language (in this case fr)
Change date format to - YYYY-MM-dd HH:mm:ss
tick the ‘Show international dates?’ checkbox

Now on the forecast item, set it to ‘5 days…’ template, tick ‘override template’ and then find:

<div class="weekday">[time|l]</div>
<div class="weekday-short">[time|D]</div>

Change it to:

<div class="weekday">[time|cccc]</div> 
<div class="weekday-short">[time|eee]</div>

HOw do I know whixh series I am running 1.8 or 1.7 ?
Actually I am using the Trial 14 days environment


It’s displayed on the login page and then on ‘About’ page after you’re logged in.

You’re using 1.7.9 CMS at the moment.

Hello ok find the version.

The way you suggest works fine now, shord day are displayed as french abreviation great.

Could you explain me a bit where it takes the short abreviation, and what has the effect of the modified temlate line you ask to change ?