Different videos for various display groups

Hi Team,

I tried to assign different layout to a separate display group but it does not work. It just plays the old layout that was assigned initially. I have tried reinstalling the target client but no success. Do i need to push it from CMS and how. Please help me on this.


Hi deval.patel, welcome to the community!

There are a few things I would suggest checking first:

  • Is the time, date and time zone set correctly on your device running your player?
  • If you schedule the layout directly to the player, does it download and display?
  • Is the layout showing a tick in the Valid? column on the layouts page?
  • If you go to the Displays menu in your CMS and check the entry for this player, is it showing a tick, cross or cloud icon in the status column?
  • Have you set a default layout for the player?

Please make sure to answer these questions in your reply so I can understand the current status of your player. If none of the above suggest an issue, please provide the following information:

  • What player version are you using?
  • What CMS version are you using?
  • Can you provide a screenshot of the status logs from the player? This guide explains how to do that. Please feel free to send this in a private message to me to avoid revealing any sensitive details about your setup.

Many Thanks.