Detect if Monitor is on or Off

I use Xibo cloud with android running on dsdevices boxes. The screens are going to be setup within a shopping centre far from home.

Can xibo client detect whether the physical display to which it is connected is actually on?

I know I can log in with teamviewer but that only let’s me see if the client is working. I’ve already come across a scenario where the screen has switched off for some reason but xibo is running smoothly (checking with teamviewer) and everything seems fine when in fact the display has gone off.

The android boxes are connect via HDMI

Any guidance please?

Hi there!
there is no way you can achieve this by using Xibo.
You will need to build an application which checks the screen and tells you if it is on or not.
Once you have built such, you can certainly make it communicate with CMS.

Checking the on/off status of a screen requires communication with it.

Thanks Bluebool, I’m not technically minded to build an application, is there anything prebuilt that can be used that you might be aware of?

There are nothing ready/free unfortunately for this purpose because every screen brand has their own protocols for communicating.

The best way would be to use HDMI port for display connection checks but i have so far not been able to create a proper way of communicating with the screens via HDMI port. So far serial port seems to be the only way which means custom development.