Deleting a display unschedules everything from all displays

We’re currently running CMS version 1.8.2. We have layouts scheduled on multiple displays.

I have found that if I delete a display what has a layout scheduled on it, it unschedules it from all of the other displays as well. Is this normal because it doesn’t seem right to me?

I need to replace failed hardware so I was going to delete the old one and add the new one. Ideally I’d like to just “drop-in” a replacement and have it pick up the schedules etc. from the failed unit. Is there a better way of doing this?

Cheers :slight_smile:


Best bet would be to upgrade the CMS to 1.8.12

The particular bug you’ve encountered was fixed around 1.8.5 I believe.

Assuming that the faulty unit is no longer connected to the CMS, you could simply set the hardwareKey on the new unit to be the same as on the unit you want to replace - this way it would not add a new record to the displays table, instead it will use the already existing one.

Brilliant, thanks Peter.

I’ll give it a go. :slight_smile:

Worked a treat, cheers! :slight_smile: