Deleted screen without deauthorizing

now that its deleted is there a way of deauthorizing it as have now hit the limit but only using half of the licences

Thank you for posting. I do not know a way to de-authorise a Display that has already been deleted. As a test I decided to connect a Display to my 2.2.1 CMS, authorise it then delete the entry. When the Player connected to my CMS again, as it still had the credentials saved, it was not Authorised when a new Display entry was created, as shown in my screenshots below:

This is the entry initially:

I then delete it without de-authorising and wait for the Player to reconnect again:

As you can see, the entry is not authorised automatically.

I also noted that you mentioned Licenses in your message. Please note that Licenses are not the same as Authorising a Display. If you have a License Pool and wish to free up some Licenses, you would need to do that in the Xibo Portal account you purchased the Pool with, then go to the below link:

You can then click on your Pool, choose View Devices and see which of your Displays are using those Licenses. Any entries you wish to remove can be freed up by clicking the red bin button at the end of the entry, allowing you to use the License with a different device. Just remember to uninstall the Player from the old device to avoid any repeated attempts to re-license.

Many Thanks.

so there is no way to get the authorised screens un-authorised now that they were deleted?

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