Delete multiple Media files

Hello, I know this has been mentioned many times (Mass deletion of media files, etc.), but I have a use case where this would be very practical. You can already do multiple selection in other areas such as Layouts, what would it take to do this in the Media Explorer?

Tidy Library won’t do it for me because I have unassigned files that will be used later. I don’t want to deal with the headache of keeping a parallel database of where I keep which files. At the same time, there are many files that could be deleted, but need to manually reviewed/selected for deletion. Thanks for listening!

Multiple items from the Library can be selected and deleted. Please note I am using CMS version 1.8.11.

Click on the items you wish to delete, the row will turn blue to show it has been selected. You will see an option at the bottom of the media rows named “With Selected”. This will reveal the option to delete those selected items. I have included a screenshot below showing how this is done.

Many Thanks.