Delete Event - Not Found "CMS1.8.7"

Hi i have a mysterious problem.
i have 2 installation of xibo 1.8.7 in tow different server. in the first one every think work perfectly. in the second i have problem ehen i try to shechdule some think and i save i dont have the request Added event

i need to refresh F5

when i try to deleate this event

i have message NOT Found i need to refresh to apply my Deleate.

any idea to solve this problem please

I can’t Reconfigure XMR. but in the CMS XMR Registred is checked. when i try to reconfigure the save buttum still running and i don’t have the confirmation that is edited.

i can shedule some thin after2 day and i can delete them but when i schedule for tomorrow that does’t work. "send file in advance is setting to 172800

so may be XMR is the broblem but i don’t now how fix it
Any Idea please?

That seems more like a environment / php problem than anything directly related to Xibo - especially since as you say it is working on your other installation and we are not aware of any general problems like this.

You can go through Report Fault wizard and see what’s logged on Log page in CMS.

Regarding XMR on the manual/custom installations on a web server please see (that is not your main problem though)