Delay when repeating video

Hello! I have a user complaining about the fact that when a video is played on a loop there is a 5-10 second gap before it starts to replay the video. The video is being cached so I am not sure what the issue is. Does anybody have a workaround to make videos a loop without delay?

I would recommend trying the following:

  • Open the region containing the video, and edit the Video widget.
  • Tick the “Set a Duration?” box and enter a duration that is X times the video files duration. So if the video is 10 seconds, set the duration to 20.
  • Tick the loop option and Save.

If your user has already tried this and the playback is still delayed, or the delay is not lessened, I will need the following information:

Can you confirm the Player that is being used, including the version of Xibo?
What is the length, size and format of the video?
Are more than one video files being played concurrently?

Many Thanks.