Default setting "disrupts" when adding scheduling

Default setting “disrupts” when adding scheduling.

CMS 1.8.2 - PLAYER 1.8 R102

Whenever I will add a new schedule through the menu:
The “PLAYERS” option is always displayed with ALL players selected.

In this way, to schedule only one player it is necessary to unselect all the others one by one.

Would not it be more practical, start with no selections, and give the option to tick one by one, or a button to mark all at once?


I discovered that if I go to the Layouts screen, I can schedule the layout for the players I want by choosing one by one.


On Add Schedule Event form, there should not be ‘All’ display selected, nothing should be selected when you open the form, you can just ‘tick’ the display / display Group to which you want to schedule the event.

Can I please see a screenshot with the issue please?