Default Layout doesn't start

Hello first use of xibo.
I have installed xibo 1.7.6 on serveur on Windows 2012 R2 with apache and MySQL the serveur is up and running.
I have installed the client xibo 1.7.6 on Windows 7 HP thinclient.
The client start automatically but we never play the Default layout.
in the console i see the client witch this inofrmation

ID Display Status License Default Layout interleave Default Email Alert logged in ip address Mac adress
1 T00046 ! ok Default Layout ok X yes 9C8…

When i move the mouse on the ! the message is “Status display is out of date but has not yet checked in with the server”

How to check what is the error?

Printscreen on server

printscreen status on client

What’s your php version? Is SOAP extension correctly installed/enabled?

Perhaps also open php.ini and change ‘always_populate_raw_post_data’ to ‘-1’

Of course also double check that CMS URL and key are correct.

Now it’s ok Peter
solution remove the ; before the line always_populate_raw_post_data’to’-1’ in php.ini