Default layout displays, then drops to Xibo splash screen

I have just installed the latest version of the Windows player (R255.3-255) on one of our player boxes, and set it up the same as I usually do.

When Xibo loads, it displays the default layout for a few seconds, and then drops back to the splash screen. it is a simple 4K resolution layout, with a single full screen region containing a single jpg (3840x2160).

The player is only HD resolution (1920x1080), but normally, our HD resolution players display this layout fine. Just to check, I remade the layout HD size, and put the same 4K jpg in the region, but it still did the same thing. Next I changed the jpg to a HD size image, and this layout displays fine, HD layout, HD image, HD player.

This layout used to display fine on older versions of the player, might it be something to do with the way the new version handles things? I also have a question regarding video playback but will make another topic for that…


As a first step could you put the player side logging on to see if it logs anything and also check the Windows event log for any system errors that may coincide.

Nothing in the Windows log, am I looking for anything specific in the player log?

If you could pass a copy of your Layout to us, we can run it to see if we get the same result. You can upload your export on or if you’d rather no one else saw it you can PM the link to me.

It isn’t the layout, it works on another player that is exactly the same machine. I will try reinstalling the player from scratch, see if that helps.

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