Dayparting not working


I’m new here so my apologies if this is in the wrong place at all.

We current have two events set up in scheduling; they are set to “always” and they alternate between the two perfectly fine.

I have created a daypart with the start time and end time (I can only upload one image per post but it is set for 10:07 to 10:10).

I then create an event in the schedule for this display with the start time being today, the layout being the new layout I have created and the dayparting being the day part I created previously.

I know our displays are off by about 1 or 2 minutes so I set it to “Run at CMS Time” (Which is set to the correct london timezone) and the priority to “1” (The always schedule is set to “0”).

I then run Xibo Player Options and click save to make sure the display it up to date with the CMS. 10:07 comes around but it never appears. I have tried removing the always events so it is just the new daypart event but that didn’t seem to work either.

Am I do anything wrong or is there an issue in my config? Thank you in advance!

I dont see a display selected in the above event form?

The display is selected but I removed it from the image because of its name :slight_smile:

I just had to check that :slight_smile:

So I can look into this for you could you confirm the CMS version you are using and is this a cloud hosted instance or docker installation?

So I am clear, you have created your daypart and then scheduled your event, selecting your daypart from the dropdown. Have you gone back to edit the daypart whilst it remains in the schedule?

Not a problem!

We are using a locally hosted instance and our CMS version is Version 1.8.2 . I did look at upgrading but our Xibo CMS instance runs on XAMPP and not docker. I couldn’t find any notes on how to upgrade and convert from XAMPP to docker and update so I left it as it was.

That is correct:

  1. I create my daypart
  2. I schedule it for this display with a priority of 1 (Selecting that previously created daypart)

I have tried editing the daypart while it is scheduled to adjust the times but that didn’t work either.

We would advise that you upgrade from 1.8.2 and see if the issue you are experiencing still persists after that.

Select the appropriate upgrade instructions from the left hand menu from the following link:

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