Dayparting and Users/Permissions

I think I understand the general dayparting concept, but I’m not sure about permissions for this.(Actually, I’m not 100% on a lot of the permissions changes in 1.8, at least as they are manifesting in my install.)

So what I would “like” to do is create a set of dayparts and allow some more restricted users to use them but not fuss with them. What seems to be the actual functionality on my install is that someone who doesn’t have page security checked off for “Dayparting” can only choose Custom and Always, no matter what I have added and of course does not see them listing area in the sidebar menu. Someone who does have page security checked off for Dayparting also does not see what I have added, they do see the Dayparting area in the sidebar and can go there, if they try to add their own Daypart, it says the daypart has been added, however, the daypart does not show in their listing or in the scheduling menu, it only shows in mine(superadmin). I’m concerned the permission system has gone sideways in my upgrade. For instance, I don’t see “Menu Security” anywhere anymore, even as a superadmin. At first I thought that was part of the 1.8 changes but now I don’t know.

Thank you for your help.

There is a bug already logged for permissions on Dayparts here:

Regarding your other user permissions, as “Super Admin”, the permissions system is completely turned off so you have access to everything. There is no concept of menu security in 1.8 - only permissions on the actual functionality itself.