Daypart at 1.8.2 - always scheduled on

after checking that the known bugs on daypart in 1.8.2 should be resolved, it seems that i’m facing something new.

i have created one layout with schedule in “always” till 2030, without any exception, priority 0.
2nd layout with Daypart (daypart set from 6:30-22:00), exceptions on weekends, priority 0 (tried also with 1)

in Agenda view, the 2nd layout always with “V” in visible, regardless the time in day selected (before 6:30 and after 22:00)

the same is happening on the player side, also tried to modified the system clock starting the xibo player few minute before 22:00

the general idea, is to have basic Black layout to run except working day,
since i have many scheduled through out the week, it will be easier to use dayparting schedule as no Media schedule is possible (yet).

I think I might need to see those events and then the agenda on the day and time when this ‘not always’ layout should run.

For example if you’d have a layout that runs always and then a layout that runs in from 9am to 10:45am, then during that time on agenda view I’d expect you to see something like that:

Below screenshot, the 2nd Layout (Base_test) is the one with the Dayparting, and should run only 6:30-22:00
it has Prioroty=1, while BlackLED is running always, with priority=0

at 3:05am there should be only BlackLED layout visible, as the daypart set for the Base_Test is 6:30-22:00

yet, it shows as visible…
if both priorities set to 1 (or 0), you are correct, starting 6:30 till 22:00 both should be visible…

althoug in the description ‘From Date’ appers as “Always” - the schedule is set to daypart “General” i have created with 6:30-22:00…

I’d need to see those events and how are they scheduled, as something does not look right to me there, if the CMS is available over the internet and if I can have a quick look, please do share credentials with me over private message.

If not, then I’d like to see screenshots of both events please.

thanks peter, just sent you acess details and info about the relevant display im testing on…

I have created few new Dayparts.
even one identical to the initial one that misbehave…
i noticed that there is a new field exposed in schedule with selecting it (Start Time)
this field in missing when selecting the First Daypart i created (General) with 2 exceptions for friday and Saturday…

the initial (General) Daypart seems to autmatically created always, on all days… and of course its the only one visible…
a new daypart with the exact same values (ExceptionIdentical), when selecting it, Start Time field exposed, and it will only scheduled for the start date, unless creating daily repeat… and schedule works well!

I may have the feeeling it is related perhaps to the very first daypart created in Database, as the “ExceptionIdentical” Daypart which shares the exact same values as the intial “General” works well…

I’m sorry, but I haven’t looked at your CMS yesterday (you’ve sent your PM at the very end of my work day).

I intended to do that today, but it seems you’ve worked out why the problem was there.

Indeed custom created dayparts should have ‘Start Time’ only always does not have it, as it’s scheduled, well, always.

Now, as of why your first daypart did not have it there, I do not know I’m afraid, was it created in 1.8.2 or did it exist before upgrade?

If there is something you’d like me to look at in your CMS, please do let me know.

The system was upgraded from 1.7.9, however there were no dayparts before the upgrade.
the first one was created in 1.8.2