Daynames translation only English

Xibo version : 1.8.11
Player version : 1.8.10

I have the calendar option on my screen and discovered that the daynames from the date are English. It looks like it won’t pick the current translation. I put Xibo in French for the test, but the daynames still are in English.
This happened after the upgrade from version 1.8.10 to 1.8.11.

I suppose it’s the same for the monthname

The Calendar module does not include a language, it will parse the information that is in the ics file you are using. It cannot translate the information in your Calendar to a different language, the regional settings in your CMS are for the CMS itself, not the modules. I apologise for any inconvenience this causes.

Many Thanks.

Thanks for the answer. When I used version 1.8.10 the daynames displayed in Dutch. After the update to version 1.8.11 the daynames are displayed in English. There is nothing changed in the calendarfeed (ICS) I use. I also tried it with my calendar from Google. This displays the same, also English.

So If the calendar module does not include a language, is it possible that this module is changed in the newest version?

Thank you for the information and bringing this to our attention. After looking into the Calendar Module further, it appears there is an issue. The development team have been made aware of this and will have a fix prepared for version 1.8.12.

I apologise for any inconvenience, we will update our blog when the release of 1.8.12 is known.

Many Thanks.

Thanks for the great support. I really like Xibo, but even more like the support :slight_smile:
I have installed the callendar Module from version 1.8.10 and now the days are correct translated.
So indeed it is a issue in the module from 1.8.11.

I’m glad to hear you are happy with Xibo and the support. If 1.8.10 correctly displays the Calendar, I would recommend continuing with this version until the issue is fixed for 1.8.12.

Thank you again for bringing this to our attention.

Many Thanks.