Dates are messed up

when checking the dates for the upcoming event displays i noticed they were like this, can anyone suggest whats happened, as nothing has changed, to my knowledge

as you can see the start data is 278-10-2017, but when selecting it it states that the date is 01-01-1899

so i cannot think what the issue could be.

Could you navigate to CMS Settings -> Regional tab
and tell me what do you have in date format field please?

this is the regional tab in the CMS and I cannot see anything that has changed, its all the same as the original setup

solved seems like the international dates were conflicting with mine I was just running through all those setting and changing the see if it made a difference and that one did, so I unchecked it, thanks for the help peter.

Indeed, in general I’d not recommend the ‘Show international dates’ unless there is a specific reason you need it, but then it needs YYYY-MM-dd HH:mm:ss date format otherwise will show incorrect dates in CMS.

Without it, you will want to the default Y-m-d H:i or similar ie d-m-Y H:i etc