Date display language


I’m trying to format dates in French but I’m not able to do it.

CMS (3.0.1) is configured as FR but my screens are still displaying dates in English. I’m working on calendar events. Is there something I’ve missed ?

ex : used [StartDate| l j F] and I get Monday 19 July instead of “Lundi 19 Juillet”

Thank you for your help


I had the same issue and i found the answer within this community. You have to design your layout again, edit the calender and than just save it without touching any settings. De module will refresh and the language goes to your desired option.

@ Dev team.
Is it possible to change the language by display instead of per site? We have now players running in the netherlands and now in france.

Hi Vishal

Thank you for your response.

I’ve just tried you solution but unfortunately, it doesn’t work. Day are still in English.
Did you do other configuration in your CMS or in your screens ?


Ah sorry, yes i have changed the CMS region. that;s also needed, but it’s not doable to keep changing the region just to define the language in the date module in the layout…

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