DataSets not updated on the player

I am using Xibo 1.7.6.
There is a problem with the datasets updating on the windows player.
I have a layout with a restaurant menu and i want to update the menu every day with a Csv import in the Datasets menu.

When i import the Csv, everything is ok on the preview layout, i see the change instantaneously, but not on the windows player.

For it work i must delete the content of the xibo library on the player and wait the next update, or i must make a change on the layout,even a simply move of an image will force to updating the entire layout.
If i only modify the dataset with a csv import,there is no change on the player.


When you edit your dataset view item on the layout, on advanced tab there is ‘Update Interval’ (in minutes)
Perhaps try to lower it a little bit (default from memory is 120min)

Then it should update on the player next collection interval.

When you change something on the layout you’re forcing this update, while it works it should also work automatically, but as I said update interval is probably set to 120min.

Hi Peter,

It is working.
Thank you very much.