Dataset with items to play every week

Hi, i’m running a dataset in a school with all the agendapoint for that specific day. I have some calenderitems that are the same every week, other just for one day/time.

now i have to update manualy every date on my agenda-list on monday.

can Xibo filter the items that are returning every week?

on the dataset i have a filter runnig that filters out the items finised.

The dataset itself has: weekday, date, starttime, endtime, subject and location.

You could certainly add an extra column for “always” which was just a 1 or a 0, and then add to your filter in pseudocode OR (DAYOFTHEWEEK(CURDATE()) = weekday AND always = 1

That syntax isn’t correct but you get the idea. Match anything on today’s week day where always = 1.

You may need to adjust the first part of your filter to exclude events where always = 1 too.