Dataset Ticker Won't download content CMS v1.7.9 and Win Player v1.7.9

Not sure what changed but my players will no longer display my Datasets. For whatever reason it’s always trying to download the content. I’ve uninstalled and completely removed the player from the system and reinstalled it. I’ve rebooted the CMS with no luck. Any advice would be great. I’ve checked all the logs but nothing seems to indicate why it’s not downloading only that it didn’t download.

I did find this in the logs and I believe it has something to do with this.
ScheduleManagerThread|1/30/2017 1:34:50 PM|Audit|ScheduleManager - IsNewScheduleAvailable|Layouts in New Schedule: [10] From 1/30/2017 5:45:00 AM to 1/30/2017 5:00:00 PM with priority False. 9 dependents.
UI Thread|1/30/2017 1:34:51 PM|Audit|Media - SignalElapsedEvent|Media Complete
UI Thread|1/30/2017 1:34:51 PM|Audit|Region - DurationElapsedEvent|Media Elapsed: 126.jpg
UI Thread|1/30/2017 1:34:51 PM|Audit|Region - SetNextMediaNode|Media Expired:(957,604,318,930,image,) . Reached the end of the sequence. Starting from the beginning.
UI Thread|1/30/2017 1:34:51 PM|Audit|MainForm - DurationElapsedEvent|Region Elapsed
UI Thread|1/30/2017 1:34:51 PM|Audit|Region - SetNextMediaNode|New media detected ticker
UI Thread|1/30/2017 1:34:51 PM|Audit|Region - CreateNextMediaNode|Creating new media: ticker, 27a810a032ba5be5f977d37c8e2e159a
UI Thread|1/30/2017 1:34:51 PM|Audit|Region - StartMedia|Starting media
UI Thread|1/30/2017 1:34:51 PM|Audit|Region - Stop Media|Stopping media
UI Thread|1/30/2017 1:34:51 PM|Info|xmds_GetResource|Unable to get Resource: Unable to get the media resource
UI Thread|1/30/2017 1:34:51 PM|Info|xmds_GetResource|We haven’t been able to download this widget and there isn’t a pre-cached one to use. Skipping.

I don’t understand why it can’t get the media resource because it’s getting all the other resources from the CMS.

I assume your dataset is not empty or due to filters it still should return some data?
Are there images in your dataset or just text?

Hi Peter

You’re correct to assume the dataset isn’t empty and even with the filters it still should be returning some data.
There is a image in the dataset that it’s pulling from a local server. I did test that link and it’s working also. In Fact the image shows up in the Appearance tab.

Okay I found the problem but I don’t know the solution. The problem is the ticker isn’t finding info to display after it does the SQL clause, but it should be picking up at least 2 employees with work Anniversaries this week.
My Dataset has 3 columns see below.

Here is the SQL clause I’m using

We have an employee with a anniversary on Sunday 2017/01/29 and Monday 2017/01/30 this week. But it’s displaying the message as if no data was returned.


Okay after changing the SQL clause to the following our dataset for work anniversaries is working as expected.

But if I use that same filter for birthdays it only returns birthdays dated after today’s date.
Even though the anniversary dates are yesterday and the day before. Something seems wrong with the Birthday Dataset, but I can’t figure out what, considering I’ve removed it and recreated it so it shouldn’t be corrupted. Any thoughts?