DataSet Ticker Slides are empty

I am testing Xibo for using it for Digital Event announcements. I’m using a DataSet Ticker Widget for generating Posters dynamically.
I’m having display Issues with the current layout and I’m not sure if this could be a player-bug, because the Layout is running fine in online-preview, but not on “real” computers. The first Slide of the Dataset is shown, after that the Screen remains black until the layout restarts.
I already tried to remove the DataSet Filter since there was an Issue in the last CMS Version, but this didn’t solved the problem.
Is this a known Problem or is there any mistake on my side? Here you can Download the exported layout:

Xibo CMS Version 3.0.3
Xibo for Windows Version R301.1-301

Hi @jwandscheer
I believe that you need to go to the configuration tab for the Ticker widget in the designer, and enter the number of items that you wish to display in the Number of Items field, then click Save and publish the layout.

Please let me know if this does not resolve the problem.

Many thanks,


Hi @Frazer,
thanks for your the reply, but sadly this doesn’t solve the problem - but for testing purposes i’m now showing only 5 items.
It’s a bit curious: If I run the layout in online preview, the first run contains black slides (mostly, the first slide is shown correct, from the second on it stays black), if I run it one more time it seems to work correctly.
On the Native Windows player its more random: The first slide is always shown, after that in every run of the layout some more slides are shown, but never all.
By looking into the web-developer tools inspector and source HTML of the preview-Frame, it contains all Data and slides, but some slides simply are not showing up. Maybe this a Javascript problem with the code generated by the player?
Have you imported the layout and checked if its working on another instance of the cms?

I tried to investigate this further and found some small things by having a look on the html code of the layout preview i-frame:

First, although the “Number of Items” in the DataSet Ticker Widget is set to 2, it seems that there are 3 slides in the layout. Maybe, this has something to do with this error which seems to be under investigation: Dataset Single Row Duration Timing

Second, while watching the code, you can see the changing css-values (z-index, display, visibility). There are states in the layout preview where a slide is in the foreground (z-index=98), but the visibility value is not changed to visible. I think this causes the black screen for some slides. I added some screenshots, the relevant lines are blue highlighted:

  1. Correct: One Slide is visible

  2. Error: No slide is visible because all visibility:hidden is set for all (2 different cases)

Is anybody able to reproduce this issue?

Does anybody have a Solution for this?

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