Dataset Ticker - No Data - Link to Library Image

Is it possible to link to library images from the Dataset Ticker ‘No Data’ template?
e.g. <img src="[890]"/>

The ‘Main’ template allows for linking images, but for some reason, ‘No Data’ doesn’t have this nor does it appear to work by typing it in.

Is there any work around to linking to Library images in the mean time?

Edit: I’ve found that inserting the [ID] in Javascript code works. As a work-around, I can generate the No-Data HTML that way.

But - can anyone confirm if the player will be smart enough to download these linked files?

Edit #2: Substituting the [ID] tags in Javascript seems risky given that it is normally an array reference. Have you considered something more like {{ID}}?

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Facing the same issue now. Hope there is any feedback to this.

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