Dataset Ticker Filtering Error

I have been tinkering with Dataset Tickers for some time. I use it as a welcome screen for our meeting rooms so people know whats where.

The latest update (1.8.1 and latest Android clients) have cleared up the no data issue, ie you can now put in a message to show when there are no meetings, in my case, ‘Rooms available to hire’!

There is still an issue with filtering though.

I filter as follows: (enddate is actually a full SQL date and time ie 2017-04-13 12:00)

CURDATE() = DATE(enddate) AND NOW() < enddate

This on the preview in the CMS works correctly, ie it shows all current events and future events for today, but not ones that have already finished.

On the Android client though, it still shows all events for the day, even if they have finished.

Any ideas?

If that’s the only item on a layout, then it will not refresh unless whole layout will.

At a guess it has rather long duration? (or other item on this layout has?)

You could either adjust the duration or add another ticker item configured exactly the same as the first one to the same region - then they will update at each change between them.

Thanks Peter

You are correct. The ticker itself has a 4 second duration per item (there is a transition between items, only one item displayed at a time) The other items on the layout had a long duration to stop the refresh effect (screen goes blank for half a second) at the end of the data, before it cycles again.

I have reduced the duration of the other items to 5 mins and it now works, dropping finished events every 5 minutes.

Its a shame it doesn’t use the ‘Update Interval’ in the Advanced tab of the ticker to do this as would avoid the refresh effect (screen going blank for half a second), although this is now only every 5 mins.

Maybe a good enhancement is for the ticker to use the ‘Update Interval’ in the Advanced tab above all else to refresh the data displayed?

Update interval is for changes made to the dataset itself.

What’s displayed on the screen will depend on the layout duration.

Although as I mentioned you can keep longer durations and add second ticker to the region with your ticker, configured exactly the same, then when there will be transition between 1st and 2nd ticker in the region, they will show updated content as well.

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Great advice, thank you!