DataSet Ticker - Displaying items sequentially in one region

CMS Version:

2.3.6 Docker

Player Type:

Windows (Lenovo Tiny / Intel NUC systems)

Player Version

Somewhat recent, but not known. Can see in the CMS that I don’t have it working yet.


Looking to figure out whether it’s possible to use a Dataset Ticker in order to display items in a ripple sequence, rather than having all items on the screen change at the exact same time.

I’m using the DataSet ticker for a list of organization logos in a 4x1 grid, and I’d like them to change one at a time, and at the moment it looks like this is only possible to change all at once if I’m displaying 4 items in the same Ticker.

I would really rather not split up my dataset into 4 groupings, because we don’t have that many items, and it’d be a pain to add a single item in the future, to decide which one it needs to be added to. I’d rather use a single CSV for the logos, and I’d rather do this dynamically in Xibo rather than rendering a video, since adding 1 logo will require much less work.

This is the kind of thing I’m looking to replicate with Xibo’s Dataset Ticker:

(This is a 3x1 grid, but the idea is the same)

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