Dataset question


I have an xls file with our sales values for the previous week. I want to display it on the screen but when I import the generated csv I can not manage to get it right.

We have columns like this:
Then always on same row and column it starts over with new

There are 5 departments. Is it possible to extract it like this or do I have to setup the xls file report from our businesssystem in another way?

Is there a guide on how to work with datasets for beginners? have searched but can not find any info.

like this?

Department	Value
Dept1		1
Dept2		2
Dept3		3
Dept4		4
Dept5		5


So if you create new dataset in Xibo, with 2 columns, which you can name Department and Value.
The I think you should be fine with importing your csv file.

If there are more columns in the .csv then you’d need to create them in Xibo before you import the file.

Then on the ticker / dataset view you will be able to select the column you need to display.

If you’d have problems with this, perhaps send me the .csv you’re trying to import (with some dummy values, so you don’t share your actual sales values)

Actually the file is generated by the system and the view is really terrible.

It’s alot of value that we do not need to show.

I upload the file sales-xibo.pdf (1.4 KB)
, (rename from pdf to csv) the fields we would like to show is from the department1 - 5 segmented. With the Employees from Dept1 (Emp column) and sales from column 2016 Dept1 in segment 1. Then values from Dept2 in next segment, and so on.

Displayed like this:

Department 1

Department 2

Is this possible or do we need modify the csv manually every week to achive this result?

I’m afraid you will need to modify it, so the file contains only the values you need.

The easiest would be:

Department	Employee	Value	Total
Dept 1		A		20     
Dept 1          B		30
Dept 1          C		40
Dept 1					90

Dept 2		T		100	
Dept 2		R		58
Dept 2					158

So if you’d have .csv like that, you’d only need to create those 4 columns in Xibo dataset and import your file, then next week you should be able to just import it again and overwrite the existing values (you’d need to confirm that though).

If it would be like that, it should be fairly easy to show what you want to show and filter it by department or values in certain department - that might not be needed, but perhaps could be useful in the future.