Dataset list content item limitations

When we are trying to fill the ‘list content’ of a dataset in Xibo we only are able to fill in 11 comma seperated items where we like to add more. Is this a known limitation or can this be altered in some way. We would appreciate any help on this item.

btw. we are using Xibo 1.7.6

Thanks in advance for any reply.

As far as I know there is no limit, you should be able to enter more comma separated items in the column and then choose from them in the data row.

Do you see any error when you try to enter more items?

Hi peter, thanks for your reaction,

When I add an item it seems to accept it. I then push the save button, but the last item never show up in the list when i reopen the list nor in the dataset.

Hereby the list content:
Chirurg, Mammadokter, GE-onco verpleegkundige, Poli arts-assistent GE, Poli arts-assistent Trauma, Poli arts-assistent Vaat, Verpleegkundig specialist Mamma, Verpleegkundig specialist Vaat, Physician Assistant Trauma, Physician Assistant Vaat, Gipskamer,

Right, apologies for that, now I know more!
Unfortunately I don’t have good news, there is a 255 characters limit in ‘list content’

So with your list, I can only suggest to remove the last “,” otherwise there will be empty item on the list.

I think, we can change that limit in next version, I’ll create an issue about it.
Any estimate on how many characters you’d want to use?

Edit: Issue link

Thanks guy’s for picking this up. For now we are perfectly content with your (quick) response and try to rearreange things within the possibilities we have.