Dataset filters

i have a charity calendar that is used with a filter to run through the different events that are happening through out teh next 7 days

but when i have upgraded to 1.8.2 there is a new system and it seems like the filter is no longer working,
below is the filter:

i have change it to the advanced filter that allows for SQL filters but, the new system how would i accomplish the same thing

ok i have solved that issue but have a new one, i want the text to change,

i have two test dataset entries set for one day apart, but the ticker will not change the information

i want it so the text will change after 5 seconds like the layouts change, but the ticker is only playing one entry even though i have set the filter to show the next seven days.

Without any effect set / items per page set ie by default ticker will list all rows that match your filter.

If that is not showing all rows from dataSet that you expect it should, then most likely either the date in your dataSet is incorrect or at least not matching after you apply the filter.

Once it does list everything you need, you’d add an effect, let’s say ‘fade’, that will then make ticker to show one row at a time (by default) with that effect.

default duration is 5s with duration per item enabled ie it should show first entry for 5s then second entry and so on.