Dataset - Filter on Formula Column

Hi all,

I’m using DataSets to display meeting room bookings.

I have a few columns in my Dataset that are Formulas. In this example, I have StartDateTime which uses the following formula to parse an Australian date and time from two columns (Date & StartTime) to an SQL date:
concat(date_format(str_to_date(Date, ‘%d/%m/%y’), ‘%Y-%m-%d’), ’ ', StartTime, ‘:00’).

I have noticed however, that when trying to Filter the DataSet in a Ticker, that it does’t work at all with the Formula Column StartDateTime. Instead I have to use the original formula shown above for it to work.

Is this a bug?

I’m using Xibo 1.7.4



You can’t refer to another column for an entire formula as far as I’m aware. If you need to filter, then the formula should go in that filter field, not in another column.

Ok thank you. I wasn’t sure when Xibo actually performs the formula calculation on the Dataset column.
The expected use would be that it would run the column formula whenever a dataset is modified and then save the result to the column. It mustn’t work this way though.