DataSet Edit - Empty (Deleted) Fields are not updated to Database

CMS Version

Version 3.0.1 - Manual Install on Ubuntu 20.4LTS LAMP-Stack


I had a DataSet populated with Test Values, mostly Strings. When I tried to blank out various Fields in Edit mode, only those Fields with Values in them were updated to the Database on Save. Fields where i had deleted previous Values showed those same old Values after refresh. No Way to get back to “NULL” Values.
The only UI-Way to solve this would have been deleting the entire Row and creating a new one, or some *.csv Export-Edit-ReImport Action.
[BTW some Copy/Paste or Duplicate Row - Buttons would be highly appreciated].
For me MySQL-Workbench did the trick.
Anyway, I don’t think this is expected behaviour, maybe you can reproduce this Issue.

Thanks for an amazing piece of Software - Keep up the good work

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