Dataset content is loading too slow

Hi guys,
CMS 2.3.3 and Windows Player V2 R253.6
I have 5x datasets on same layout and when the layout loads on player, it is loading the content of the datasets way too slowly, any explanations to this?



When you say too slowly, how slowly are we talking?

5 Dataset based Widgets will be 5 browser instances and 5 web requests to the internal web server for main pages, followed by requests for any other resources needed. It might take a little while to do all of that.

We’re working on having some background rendering of content to speed this up.


Hi Dan,
it is slow as about 10 seconds.
I have the caching set to 1440 which didn’t help at all.
Would be nice to have background rendering to speed it.

Best regards

Yes it would - we have that on our list to look at.

10 seconds does seem like a long time though, that would mean each one took 2 seconds and that they loaded in series (which I didn’t think was the case).

Happy to look at your Layout if you PM me an export of it.

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