Dataset and Pictures - Picture not play on Win player but on Preview?


I made a Datasource with some Pictures and format it using CSS - works fine now.

My Problem:

On Preview Icons show well:

On Win Player not:

I have a other Datasource with Icons - here everything works well - dont have any idea why ?

Best regards

Where are the icons coming from?

Have you setup the Windows Player to use IE11 (and have IE11 installed on your computer)?

Hi Alex

Thanks for Reply - the icons are on the Xibo Server (not within the xibo CMS) they are on the Root Webspace.

But - after 4 Hours - it works - dont know why …

Hi Alex

Now i changed something on the dataset - now i have same Problem - pictures are not shown.

Im sure - after waiting some hours pictures are back again …

Is this the collection interval on your player? When the player loads your page it will have those external resources added to its list of required files - which will be downloaded when the player next connects to the CMS for its normal collection.


no - Collection Interval is 500sec (just looked at Config)

Best regards.

Put your images in the dataset too using the Image column type. That will ensure the Player downloads them locally for use

Hello Alex

i did this this wax - column type is Image and within this Column there is the URL for the picture.

Best regards

Exactly so. Your column contains the URL. The CMS will then download that image, add it to the library (you won’t see it in the library but it does) and then when you use the substitution for that column in your layout, the image will be downloaded and shown from the local Player library so it’s always there.