Dataset and Filter

Hi I have a data set with 10 columns but i want to filter columns 1 and 2 labelled “Day of Week” and “Week Number” so that Monday 1 is the only data that is displayed.

For example Day of Week is Monday and Week Number is 1
and Day of Week is Tuesday and Week Number is 1
but I get Unexpected Error, please contact support

What am i doing wrong?

What CMS version are you using please?

As a general rule, it is not recommended to use spaces in columns names in mysql, you could replace them with _ for example.

I don’t think the filter clauses that you’re trying to use will work well with columns that have spaces, you could tick the advanced clause checkbox and write the query yourself, that would be something like
`Day of Week` = 'Monday' AND `Week Number` = 1

Column names with spaces will need ` for the query to be executed correctly.

I’d suggest removing spaces in columns names though.

You may also want to have a date column there and the use CURDATE() to filter the results instead.

Thanks for the reply. I’m using version 1.8.7.

I did try a different approach, I added a new numbered column called filter 1-28 and used this column to filter, it worked once and i made a small change, but now has stopped working, the region is not displaying any data at all.

I’ll try the advanced Query


After this reply the data has returned. so seems to be working after all.