Data sets show next on the list of that day

i have a data set that shows the exams for the full mock exam period, i have it set to show the current exam but have been thinking that maybe showing the next exam would be better.

is there a filter that i can use that will show the data for today by the next on on the list based on the time.

for example

exam1 today 09:00
exam2 today 10:00
exam3 today 11:00
exam4 today 14:00

say the time is 10:10.
I don’t want to show exam 2 as it is happening and that’s no use to the students doing the exam, I want to show exam 3 so students can do revision on the subject, but i don’t want to show exam 4 as that can cause confusion

i know its hard to follow, apologies for that

Let’s say your column with date/time is called Time so you’d have NOW() < Time and on the advanced page, set the upper row limit to 1 - that will return one (first) data row matching the filter.

There probably are some more complex ways to achieve the same, but let me know if the above would work in your case.

i know this is nit picking but, this is my filter

is there any way to limit the data to the current date, as my data set fields are:
you may be able to get a better understanding of what i want,

the filter works but keeps going, but i dont want to show tomorrows exam till tomorrow morning, so i want to limit the showing to the current date only but still show it as is so shows the next.

this is a small thing but if its possible that’s perfect

Note: the filter you suggested works fine but again nit picking

You could add something like:

^ in my example, for you that would be, either really, Start or Finish instead of my ‘Time’ there as you have the same day and month in both of those.

Basically with that addition to the filter you will also ensure that it will return only items that have the same month and day as the current date.

I’d still restrict it to show one item (ie the suggestion in my previous post upper row limit), obviously assuming that you want it to show only one item ie the next exam.

this is unrelated to the original topic, but, the data sets i use for a charity event calendar, i added a new event to it and it does not show, but it does act as if something should be there, so the time is allocated to the layout but nothing is showing on the client but does on the previewer

below is what shows, this is the background makes it easy when there is no sales for the week

this is what should show:

i have found the issue im having, the media for the Christmas themes layout is not being downloaded by the client,

is there a way to force the client to download any missing media

Are those images coming from the dataSet?

If so, and if you’re not using 1.8.3 then it could be this bug -

yea the images are from the dataset
so I need to upgrade again, that’s fine