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I am displaying a list of fixtures that update from a data set with a filter to pull out the next 10 fixtures , all works fine , however what I want to be able to do is in effect title the data set Fixture list is this possible ? I have been trying to use the option style sheet but am not getting very fair



Hi, you can show the Table headings (if that is what you mean) from the Configuration tab.

There is a tick box underneath the Columns Available/Columns Selected section:


Thanks Natasha , I can display and format the column headings , but id like to caption the table if possible as in I want to be able to insert a line of text above the table but I don’t see that option.

You could add another region (above your dataset view) and add the text widget and set some text for your table that way?

Yeah , i am kind of coming to that conclusion, means I will have to restructure the entire layout but I think it will be worth it - if only I could put an image in the background … I could have then used the Margins in css to move the table … anyhow thanks for your help, it was worth a try

I can certainly pass on your comments to our dev team for further discussion :+1:

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