Data set for calendars

I would like to make a calendar for the schools upcoming events but I cannot see how to do it with data sets I have seen others do it but they have no explanation, I have resorted to using PPT to create a monthly calendar, this does not look as good.

I was wondering if there is an easy way to add a calendar to Xibo, or if you can explain the best way to use the data sets to create upcoming events.

If those events are already added to google calendar or similar, then you can either embed the calendar in Xibo, I believe you can also create rss feed from calendars and add that to Xibo in that way.

Alternately as you’ve mentioned, datasets with start / end date columns will work too - you’d need to put appropriate filter on the ticker with dataSet source so it would show only events that are scheduled for a current day for example.

how would I be able to add a office 3565 calendar I do not own

As I said it should be possible to embed it or create feed from it, in both cases such calendar would need to be set to public/shared otherwise Xibo will not be able to display it (as it would require access credentials).

if I put my data set with two columns and each row has a event. the columns are labelled event and date

if there a filter that will show the current dates events + the next 7 days, as this will make it better as some events are changed on the fly to different dates do I don’t want to have a data set that is 8 columns long with one date as some of the examples I have seen show

Something like this perhaps:


Where ‘Col1’ is the column with date of course, please do change that parameter in the filter to the name of your column.

can I change the date format for data sets, as it is set to Y-M-D and I use D-M-Y is there and option to change this as i have changed all setting to UK format but this is the only one I cannot seem to change.

when i use the D-M-Y format nothing shows on the layout, but shows dates that are Y-M-D

it will use mysql format, all functions like NOW(), CURDATE() etc that you might want to use in filter will use it too.

If you want to display it in different format then you can use DATE_FORMAT(columnName, '%d/%m/%Y') for example -
or other way around with STR_TO_DATE -