Dashboarding tool -?

Can anyone recommend a good open source SQL web based dashboarding tool that can be used with Xibo?

The requirement would be that it needs to be completely web driven and internally hostable.

Dashboarding to show what?

If it’s server metrics, then something like Munin or Nagios work reasonably with Xibo because they use HTTP basic authentication. Neither is completely web driven though - they both are config-file driven in their Open Source flavours.

Data from SQL… BI type stuff (for manufacturing in this case).

I’m trying metabase and it works pretty well for what I need… just not sure how to handle the login required for the dashboard.

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Xibo can handle HTTP basic authentication in most cases.

I guess the login to this is cookie based, in which case the only way is going to be if metabase has widgets or unauthenticated access to data via nonce-based URLs?

My thought was to set up a forward proxy for it if I can figure out how the auth works… could make a nice addition to Xibo to have this capability in the future.