Daily Maintenance Task Timeout

CMS Version

CMS 2.3.12 / MySQL 5.7.36

Player Type

DSCS9 Devices

Player Version

R206 / R217 Blend


The daily maintenance task never completes and times out. We have turned on debug level logging and filtered by Channel:CONSOLE, but we are still unable to see why the task is hanging. We have tried running the task manually from the console using php bin/run.php :task id:, but it seems to run quickly and return without errors.

Any ideas how to further troubleshoot the daily maintenance task?

As an update to our issue, we stepped thru the subroutines of the Daily Maintenance Task manually and determined that the ‘Tidy Cache’ function is causing the hang. When we comment out the Tidy Cache function, the Daily Maintenance Task completes successfully.

Any tips or pointers on where to troubleshoot from here would be much appreciated.

Thanks Xibo Community!

Been nearly three weeks since my first post with no reply. My apologies Xibo Community for bumping this thread, but we are still looking for assistance with this issue.

Please let us know if you have any solutions or ideas that could narrow down the root cause of this issue.

Thanks a bunch!!

Is this a Docker install?

It could potentially be filesystem permissions causing a problem. You could try manually clearing the cache directory in the library to see if it sorts things out.

Hi Natasha,
Thanks for getting back to us. Unfortunately, all of the permissions check out :confused: Any way for us to get some better data from the CMS to figure out why this keeps happening? As I’ve said before, we’ve managed to hobble along by omitting some of the tasks from the Daily Maintenance Task and it’s running again, but ideally we do not want to continue operating this way, as it becomes more difficult to troubleshoot as we update to later CMS versions…

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