Customer Portal rejected my email address when I tried to sign up


When signing up for a Customer Portal account, Spring Signage may reject signups from email addresses hosted by certain providers.

This may be because the email provider hosts “disposable” email accounts, or because there are technical issues with delivering email to those providers. The sections below provide some more details for specific cases.

If you believe that we’re preventing signup from your email address wrongly, please email us at and we will be happy to investigate.

##Disposable Email Accounts
It’s important that once you’ve signed up for a Customer Portal account, we can contact you regarding the products and services that you’ve ordered. Using a disposable email address prevents us from getting in contact with you.

Please use a non-disposable email address - such as those offered for free by Google Mail, etc, or the one offered by your internet service provider.

If you would prefer that Spring Signage not use the email address you give us to send occasional promotional messages to you, you can alter your email preferences from the My Account section of Customer Portal once registered.

Apple iCloud / MobileMe

We’ve experienced significant issues with reliable email delivery within the iCloud system. Messages sent from Spring Signage simply vanish within the iCloud system without a non-delivery report, so we don’t know if you have received our messages or not. We contacted Apple support to discuss this and try and find a resolution, however Apple were unwilling to investigate, so we’ve been left with no option but to block signups from Apple iCloud users at this time.